Ongoing research / Proyecto en desarrollo:  A Study of Beaverness or How (not) to be a World-Destroyer

 How (not) to be a World Destroyer. Two-channel video. 8min37sec. 2020. Selected frames. 
    A Study of Beaverness is an ongoing visual and text-based research project about the role of narrative structures and visual representation about the concept of Invasive species. This project is based on a particular case of twenty American beavers (Castor Canadensis) that were purchased by the Argentinian government and brought to Tierra del Fuego, South America in 1946. Once released to the wild, the beavers became one of the main threats to the biodiversity and hydrological cycles of the region. This project seeks to be a critical exploration of the binary and colonial logics of the term Invasive but also to pose the broader question on how representation mediate and define our relationship and understanding of nature and nonhuman beings. Using diverse visual languages such as video, sound, installation and multiples the project will focus on finding speculative counter-anthropocentric strategies of representation as lines of escape to the logics of consumption and intensified instrumentalisation of nonhuman entities. Ultimately, A Study of Beaverness also addresses the ethical and political implications of visual languages and narrative frameworks regarding how we render nature and frame ecological disasters.