On the Marvelous Generic 

2018 / NWOSU Artist-in-Residence Program in collaboration with Molten Capital Artist Residency, Chile.

    This installation was part of the solo exhibition On the Marvelous Generic held in Jesse Dunn Annex at Northwestern Oklahoma State University by the NWOSU Artist -in- Residence program. The drawings present a visual juxtaposition between a local event at the town where the residency took place; an intimate story about a beauty pageant that couldn’t be Miss America besides the generic cowboy mascot of the town, all of this entwined with distant but similar events that belong to my home country, Chile. The material and images sources were found in the -Cherokee Strip Museum- a small local museum. The black letter board introduces the mood of the exhibition - a quote from a South American author that I slightly modified to fit the context of the exhibit; ideas on the fictional and the strange cross between certain American visual codes and the fantastical and marvelous symbolic world of South American Magical Realism.



    On the Marvelous Generic es la exhibición final que presenta el proceso de trabajo que realicé durante el programa de residencias Molten Capital en colaboración con NWOSU en Oklahoma, Estados Unidos. La instalación presenta diferentes piezas que muestran la relación fantástica entre códigos visuales de la cultura americana, material de exhibición del Cherokee Strip Museum -pequeño museo local- y eventos pertenecientes a Chile, todo esto enmarcado por citas pertenecientes a obras del Realismo Mágico.