As an Artist, I am interested in thinking and formulating new strategies to represent nature and nonhuman beings. Through an analysis of the ways language and images shape our relationship with surrounding nature, I examine the deep-rooted hegemonic narratives of instrumentalisation, consumption, and spectacle operating in nonhuman and nature representation. By posing the question of the ethical status of images, I also examine the role of the Artist and the structures of the gaze which tend to be fixed in the binary dynamics of subject/objecthood. I aim to have a critical perspective on the position of the Artist as a renderer of worlds. Thus, I bite my tongue and chase my own tail.
        As a Storyteller, I use video, drawing, installation, text-based projects as matter to explore counter-anthropocentric strategies of representation to shape curiosity for more- than-human narratives, and to suggest an attention rooted in affects towards nonhuman worlds. By doing this, I examine the mechanism through which we share knowledge, produce knowledge and tell stories about nature, trying to take a conscious distance from linear or predatory accounts.

         As an Observer, I relay on the abundant pleasures and rich proliferation of affects provided by the act of situated observation and on fabulation, to open the door to alternative imaginaries and constructing possibilities for other ways of seeing and knowing. I look for a space for construction –potentiality- where fabulation and speculation operate as methodologies of attunement with nonhuman worlds and surrounding nature, rather than the schemes of a devouring sight and rapacious imagination.