My work poses a critical examination of the representation of nature and animality in our contemporary western world. I work primarily with drawing, video, installation, objects and text-based projects to articulate new strategies to render nature and nonhuman beings, engaging with the ethics and politics of representation. I am interested in reframing the way we share and produce knowledge,  to open the door to alternative imaginarie and cultivate other possibilities for seeing and knowing. Through an analysis of the ways language and images shape our relationship with surrounding nature, I locate and question inherited narratives of instrumentalisation, consumption, objectification and colonial dominion operating in the representation of the natural world. I utilise humor, radical affects, irony, speculation and human-decentered perspectives to create lines of escape from the schemes of the predatory colonial western imagination that dominates the collective imagining of the natural world.By doing this, I engage with non-anthropocentric storytelling strategies to foster a space to reimagine new modes of relation with nonhuman domains in times of existential and ecological crisis.